E - TRAC是MINELAB技术最先进的探测器,它结合了独特的全频段频谱(FBS)技术和Smartfind分辨技术。其造型优美,质地坚固,创新的控制面板,直观的菜单,清晰液晶显示屏,强大的轻量级线圈和全面的配置选项让E - TRAC优秀于其它任何市场上的探测器。

MINELAB采用集成了USB接口革命性的一步。这使您能够连接金属探测到您的家庭电脑上下载和上传您的E- TRAC设置,用户模式和分辨模式。还有一些样本分辨模式你可以在规格页中找到。你可以建立一个资源库图表储存您的喜爱的探测地点和设置 - 再也不必担心失去你最成功的设置了!这种先进的功能设计也让您快速用一个按钮根据不同环境和特定目标设置E - TRAC,因此可以花费更少的时间设置机器,更多的时间在外地做你的喜爱的探测。

当E- TRAC需要在一个非常咸,如土壤,海水,海滩沙湿地条件和高磁矿化地面条件探测金属物体。通过使用E - TRAC你可以成为一个成功的探测者。




  • Utilising FBS technology with simultaneous frequencies ranging from 1.5kHz - 100kHz the signal received from the detectors coil is analysed from a wide range of responses. This allows E-TRAC's advanced signal processing to analyse more target information so that target identification is more accurate. 
  • E-TRAC Xchange USB functionality - create, download and upload your favourite E-TRAC settings and save them to your computer or Xchange them with friends by email. 
  • QuickMaskTM with independent ferrous and conductivity rejection level adjust - a fast and simple way to edit patterns. 
  • SmartfindTM - a unique two-dimensional scale of discrimination graphically representing both the ferrous and conductivity properties on the same display working to eliminate signals from undesired targets and accepts signals from desired targets. 
  • Discrimination scale with radical realignment improves target ID and the recovery rate of good targets at depth. 
  • Four pre-programmed Minelab user modes for switch on and go detecting with specific Settings and Patterns suited to Coins; High Trash; Beach and Relics. 
  • Four user mode slots so you can personalise modes to suit your specific target preferences and detecting environment. 
  • Refined threshold adjustment level on a 1-50 scale for greater precision to suit your requirements. 
  • Pinpoint with audio and visual indicators on two modes making target size and identification more accurate than ever. 
  • Ground Setting options of Neutral and Difficult allowing you to adapt easily to benign or the most challenging operating conditions. 
  • Trash Density settings - High ensures you experience fewer false signals in high trash environments while Low is perfect for cleaner sites. 
  • User-centered keypad and menu design – fast and easy to use with intuitive icons and logical menu sequences. 
  • Clear resolution visual display panel 72mm x 48mm - designed for optimum visibility in all light conditions. 
  • Ergonomic, perfectly balanced Handle Assembly ensures longer periods of detecting without fatigue! 
  • Ultra-lightweight waterproof 11" Double-D waterproof coil for versatility with sharp, accurate pinpointing and depth.



Coin, Relic, Jewellery & Beach
1.5 - 100kHz
Coil (standard): 
11" Double-D lightweight, waterproof.
Audio Output: 
Internal speaker & 6.35mm ( 1/4") headphone jack.
Headphones Supplied: 
Koss 100 ohm headphones.
Visual Display: 
Very large 72mm x 48mm (2.8" x 1.9") greyscale LCD with contrast adjustment.
USB Connectivity: 
USB connector for communication with PC.
Settings saved automatically while detecting and remain until changed or reset.
Depth Indication: 
Accurate gauge active in normal detecting and Pinpoint mode.
Detect Modes: 
Smartfind & QuickMask.
Smartfind 2 dimensional Discrimination: Ferrous 35, Conductivity 50. 10 discrimination patterns (Coins, All-Metal, Fe Coins, Jewellery, Foil, Pull Tab, Iron, Crowncap, Screwcap & Nail) & 10 user slots.
Audio Tone: 
1,2,4 & Multi-tone; customizable for conductivity or ferrous response. Variable by 30 adjustable steps.
Audio Type: 
Normal, Long, Smooth & Pitch Hold.
Ground Balance: 
Automatic ground compensation - advanced digital filtering. Ground settings Neutral & Difficult.
Ground Balance Type: 
Trash Density: 
(2) Low & High.
Non-motion with modulated audio and visual crosshair on LCD, 2 modes: normal and sizing.
Sensitivity Adjust: 
Fully automatic with adjustable offset, manual setting 1 to 30.
Tune/Noise Cancel: 
Manual & Automatic (11 channels)
Finer adjustment level from 0 to 50.
Target Volume Adjust: 
Limit & Gain (1 to 30).
1600mAh NiMH or alkaline batteries.
Low Battery Alert: 
Audio & visual indication.
1060mm -1380mm (41.7" - 54.3").
1.6kg (3.5lbs) (ex. battery).
3 years control box & coil.